About Basement Couch

Formerly Loser Brand, Basement Couch is my lifestyle brand/art project where I draw really shitty things and hope someone relates to it. More seriously, I created this brand to celebrate those grungy nostalgic pieces of furniture that almost everyone has fond memories of. Listening to post-grunge alt and playing a 16-bit Sega Genesis in a wood paneled basement in the early 90's with my neighbors kids after riding bikes all day and launching fireworks where I shouldn't have, are mine. This is for the nerds gaming on a Saturday night, the wannabe Nirvana basement bands cranking their amps to 11, someone lighting up for the first time to a Judd Apatow movie, or whatever the fuck it is you want it to be.

Your basement couch can be anything. We're here to remember the good times and to create some more.